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Summer Houses Specifications

Below are the Building Specifications for our Summer Houses.

Summer Houses

  • 16mm X 125mm T&G Shiplap Cladding or 25mm x 125mm Loglap Cladding
  • 38mm X 38mm Studwork
  • 16mm X 125mm TGV Flooring
  • 38mm X 38mm Floor Bearers
  • 58mm X 38mm Roof Timbers
  • 11mm OSB 2 Roof Sheets
  • 40kg Mineral Felt
  • Eave Height Approx 1850mm
  • Ridge Height Approx 2050mm
  • Half Glazed (4mm) Double Doors
  • 1 X Single Glazed (4mm) Opening Window to one side
  • Single Glazed(4mm) Fixed Windows to front
  • 610mm Canopy or 1220mm Balcony
  • Pressure Treated